Scouting is a uniformed movement. Please ensure your child is provided with the essential items of uniform. You have several purchasing options:
  • Online via the Scout Shop
  • By email via the Richmond Upon Thames Scout District virtual Scout Shop
  • In person at the local stockist called SANCO on Bell Road, Hounslow

Badge positions





Beaver badge position diagram

Cub badge position diagram
Scout badge position diagram
Explorer badge position diagram




Required items of uniform



 Sweatshirt /
 Shirt /
 Polo top
  • We insist on our members wearing the official sweatshirt or shirt.
  • In warm weather the official 3rd Whitton green polo top is permitted.
  • Polo tops cost £8. Ask a leader to check if any are in stock in the office.
  • Navy blue combat/cargo style trousers can often be bought more cheaply in high street shops.
  • NO DENIM JEANS! They are unsightly and take ages to dry out when wet.
  • Navy blue shorts are permitted in warm weather.

 Scarves & Woggles
  • A 3rd Whitton group scarf and woggle is issued upon investiture by the Leaders.
  • Replacement scarves are charged at £5.
  • Replacement woggles are charged at 50 pence.

  • A brimmed sun hat should be worn outside during hot weather.
  • A wooly hat should be worn outside during cold weather.
  • Baseball caps do not protect the neck. Do not waste your money on the official Scout baseball cap.

  • The Scout Hut is a glorified shed. It does NOT have central heating.
  • In cold weather PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ensure your child is wearing ample layers underneath.

  • Trainers are fine for weekly meetings.
  • Hikes will require sturdy cross-trainers or walking shoes/boots depending on the climate and terrain.