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Troop Programme

The new 2012 Troop Programme rotates around core themes and activities listed on the Troop Programme & Badgework Progress Matrix.  The themes cover most of the skills listed on the Scoutcraft page. There are 12 themes which are as follows:
  • Campcraft
  • Entertainment
  • Firecraft & Cooking
  • First Aid
  • Fitness
  • Gadgets & Pioneering
  • Leadership & Duty
  • Navigation
  • Search & Rescue
  • Service
  • Tools
  • Water & Bush Tucker

This matrix doubles as a Badgework Progress Card. Each Scout has a copy in their Patrol folder. Termly activities are planned according to the matrix and the Patrol Leaders sign off those Scouts who have actively participated in those activities.

It has been designed to give every Scout the opportunity to obtain the coveted Chief Scout's Gold Award. This badge is the highest award available in the Scout Section.
It is gained by completing:
  • Promise Challenge
  • Community Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Creative Challenge
  • Global Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge

Plus two of the following three:

  • Adventure Challenge
  • Expedition Challenge
  • Outdoor Plus Challenge

The Deprecated Programme Plan

The old Troop Programme repeated every two years. Like the new 2012 Troop Programme, it had also been designed to give every Scout the opportunity to obtain the coveted Chief Scout's Gold Award but it wasn't as flexible as the new approach. The new approach avoids a long hard slog to gain a badge.

The Challenges were covered as part of the two year programme as follows:



 Badge Progress Charts

 Year 1 Autumn Term

 Year 1 Spring Term
 Year 1 Summer Term
 Year 2 Autumn Term
 Year 2 Spring Term
 Year 2 Summer Term
(at any time of the year)
Outdoor Plus

In addition to the Challenge Badges, a selection of Activity Badges were covered which relate to fundamental Scouting skills:



 Badge Progress Charts

 Year 1 Autumn Term
 Knotting & Pioneering
 Year 1 Spring Term First Aid Emergency Aid Stage 3
Year 1 Summer Term Navigation Navigator
 Year 2 Autumn Term Handicrafts Craft
 Year 2 Spring Term Nature Study
 Year 2 Summer Term Survival Skills
 Survival Skills

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